Special Event Proposal for 7411 Santa Monica Blvd. at Vista

A privately owned open air lot requiring a temporary lease to host a 30 day seasonal event

Introducing the Co.lective Corner Market.

An open-to-the-public, pop-up outdoor marketplace

featuring a rotating mix of 16 innovative LA-based brands and 4 food trucks,

also including Free Wifi and lounge/dining areas for up to 40.

Saturdays during one month in the summer

11:00am - 6:00pm.  Set up at 9a.  Tear down by 7p.


Once per week for 4 weeks,popuptent.jpg vendors who have paid a participation fee bring their own set up to merchandise their booths, under pop-up shade awnings like this.


We will feature a mix of LA-based lifestyle and fashion brands
(with a focus on Made in LA, sustainable brands), who will keep 100% of their sales.


Ambient music will stream via ipod in the background.
Only food will be sold, no alcohol.


Electricity and plumbing is onsite.  (Potentially with bathroom already installed in small house, otherwise will rent a nice trailor bathroom - no porta potties).


Free wifi incentivizes shoppers to stay awhile and hang out, thus increasing chances for sales and allowing brands to best utilize the day.



Why this type of event?

1.  This event is conceived because this space exists as it does, where it does.  Every time I walk by, I wonder why an event like this isn't already happening.

2.  The Melrose Trading Post, the Silver Lake Farmers Market and other markets where brands can sign up to sell to the public often have waitlists to participate.  Brands are eager to sell directly to the public in outdoor venues and pop-ups such as this

3.  This area is experiencing rapid growth, increased foot traffic and neighborhood revitalization.

4.  Shoppers are looking for more entertainment and mixed uses out of their retail experiences, and millennials are looking to support more authentic, transparent, up and coming brands.

5.  The organizer has 17 years of experience in event planning, retail management, fashion sales, and production/manufacturing.  If this event is allowed, this website is equipped to become an e-commerce marketplace selling all the products offered by vendors participating in the market. 


Important note: Hosting this 30 day event will only be pursued if the opportunity exists to develop this into
an ongoing retail installation with the potential to add more days as the vendor list grows.